John J. Halloran, Jr., P.C.

Wilfried Martens: "A Great Belgian and European Statesman" (1936-2013)

Wilfried Martens, who served nine times as Prime Minister of Belgium, died on 9 October 2013 in Lokeren, in East Flanders. Mr. Martens was, in the words of European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, “a great Belgian and European Statesman.” Read PDF » Mr. Martens was a leader among the generation of European leaders, including former Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany and former President François Mitterrand of France, who together laid the foundation for the modern European Union, most notably through the Treaty of Maastricht (formally, the Treaty on European Union or TEU) which was signed by 12 member states on 7 February 1992. Photo »

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